This was a great sequel to The Blue Rose.
-P Benjamin (Goodreads Reviews)-

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Love is Redemption.
Truth is Pain.
Pleasure is an Open Door...

What did happen that night in Dallas when Melissa Medina and Alexander Kane’s intense love affair imploded?

David Kane must now unravel the lies behind the collapse of his elder brother’s relationship, but his need for Melissa’s bold and fiery cousin Catalina Medina might prove too tempting to ignore.

Catalina’s reckless nature is a torment to David’s need for control. When they clash, emotions flare, wills bend and passion becomes an inferno of want. Introduced to David’s private world, Catalina begins to take the first steps to forgiving herself for events in her past she can never change.

The millionaire Sebastian Moretti is trying to change. He fears the sins he committed in his crazed youth, sins against both Catalina and her cousin, could be unearthed. The only woman he has ever loved is now within his grasp. And Sebastian will destroy love, faith and even lives to make Melissa Medina love him too.

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This is so much better than other erotica
novels I have read and I highly
recommend this series.
-Deborah M (Goodreads Reviews)-

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I really like all 4 of the main characters in The White Rose. Alexander is sexy, dynamic and wildly in love with Melissa. Melissa is sweet, smart and also in love with Alexander. David is the calm to Alexander's storm, cool and in control. And Catalina is tough, but filled with insecurities brought upon by her own traumatic past. The 4 of them face crazy, intense events here, can't wait to read what happens next!
- Valeen R (Goodreads 5 stars )-

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The White Rose is an enticing novel and a real page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast paced and action packed novel. The intensity of Alexander's love for Melissa is breathtaking and his emotional turmoil is palpable. The suspense throughout the whole story had me on edge
and I was unable to put it down.
- Mes Livres -

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This was a very intense story that affected all senses and feelings. There were some great characters that fitted well into the non-stop action storyline.
- Patricia M (Amazon Reviews) -

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I love how this author gives us some really solid characters. Alexander, Melissa, David and Catalina who will give the readers one steamy, erotic, enticing, twist, turns, surprises and a suspenseful read.
- Arlena's Book Reviews -

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I absolutely loved this book!
- Cheryl S (NetGalley Reviews)-

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This story with its dark secrets and its tender love is so captivating.
- Stephanie P (Amazon Reviews) -

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I really loved this book.
-L Dex (NetGalley Reviews)-

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The White Rose is full of the same compelling drama and excitement that made The Blue Rose such an amazing book for me. I cannot wait to see what happens next
in The Red Rose!
- Tequila (Goodreads 5 stars )-

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Great story of love and obsession that drew me in and kept me hooked till the end!
- Diane N (NetGalley Reviews)-

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I really enjoyed this book, the characters were relatable and had depth, the book held its own in a sea of similar stories.
-Vicky D (NetGalley Reviews)-

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The author does a wonderful job of portraying her characters in such a way that you really feel what
they are feeling. A.M. Helen definitely
has a way with the dark romance.

- Blue Cat Review -