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The Red Rose is a dark and intense novel. It’s fast paced and danger is everywhere. There is loyalty, hate, anger, betrayal and deviousness. David, Catalina, Melissa and Alexander have a terrible fight on their hands before they have their happy endings. It's an emotive page turner which captured my attention from beginning to end.
A well portrayed complex story.
- Mes Livres -

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Love Hurts. Love Heals. But True Love
Lasts a Lifetime . . .

Dark. Dangerous. Angry. Italian millionaire Sebastian Moretti has lost his grip on everything he’s tried so hard to keep in his life, but his obsession remains steadfast. Melissa Medina belongs with him - and Sebastian’s abducted her cousin Catalina to make sure that fantasy becomes a reality.

But Melissa’s formidable fiancé, billionaire Alexander Kane, will do anything to keep the killer away from the love of his life. He’s hunting Sebastian Moretti and will not rest until Catalina is rescued and Sebastian pays for the horrors he has inflicted on both their families. 

Though wealth and determination are no substitute for powerful friends. Sebastian has new dangerous allies. Joss Baker owes Alexander Kane pain for the death of his daughter and he’s found the perfect weapon to destroy the billionaire.

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I enjoyed the story of Melissa and Alexander. Their romance was steamy and their path to an HEA was full of twists and turns. I also liked the added romance of David and Catalina. Reading about the traumatic past of Melissa and Catalina was hard, but it gave an added depth to their story. The Kane brothers also come with loaded pasts that added more to the story. Recommend this read.
- W Franco (NetGalley Reviews) -

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This book is filled with twists and turns and lots of intrigues, I'm glad the Kane men were up for the challenge.
- Christina B (NetGalley Reviewer) -

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I couldn't put it down. A. M. Helen is a magnificent writer. I cannot wait to read more of her books.
- Ana D (NetGalley Reviews) -

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I just couldn't put this book down once I started reading it and can't wait to go back and read the other two books. Strong characters and a great story line.
- Kim S (NetGalley Reviews) -

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This is definitely an intriguing and captivating storyline and totally blew me away.
- S Shaikh (NetGalley Reviews) -

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There are accidents, kidnappings, and babies! All of it is with a twist. I can't give it all away but you have to see how a suicide note can really help set someone free!
- Love Romance Books -

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I loved this read. I just fell in love with the characters so much.
Jeanne K (NetGalley Reviews)

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This is a fast-paced read with lots of suspense and drama. The story and characters really draw you in and take you on quite a ride.
-Tammy S (Goodreads Reviewer) -

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The Red Rose is a dark and intense novel. It's fast paced and danger is everywhere. There is loyalty, hate, anger, betrayal and deviousness. I would Highly recommend this book it kept me up all night wanting to know what would happen next!
-Stephanie M (NetGalley Reviewer) -

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