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DI Catherine Moore wants to catch a killer. The suspect? Lord Nicholas Redthorn. Magnetic and charming, he could so easily tempt the most beautiful and innocent of women – to their deaths. But the evidence remains elusive. Suspended from duty for her fixation with Redthorn as a suspect, Catherine receives an invitation from him she cannot refuse.

Unable to resist, she takes up his offer and finds herself enticed into the extravagant erotic world he has created, leading to knowledge of herself and desires she never knew existed. As she becomes consumed in Redthorn’s sexual possession, Catherine begins to unearth a mystery involving her own life and the people in it.

The hope is she finds a killer. The danger is … he might have already found her.

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I would give it more than 5 stars
if I could! This book really needs
to be read to show why it
enamoured me so.
- C Siciliano (Goodreads) -

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Provocative, erotic and just plain delicious!
- A Christine (NetGalley) -

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Awesome and spellbinding book.
One of the best I've read in a long time.
- C Blake (NetGalley Reviews)-

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Great story. The sex was steamy, but
the mystery held its own. A stunning
read from a new author!
- Megan C (NetGalley Reviews) -

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No cliffhangers in this
book just a great
Romance and Mystery.
- L Babbs (Amazon Reviews) -

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Oh my gawd....I don't know exactly what to say about this book other than it is AMAZING!

There are a lot of twists and turns that will keep the reader hooked. If you're a lover or erotica and thrillers, then you do not want to skip out on reading
Five Steps to the Harem.

- Rhiannon R (NetGalley Reviews) -

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Five Steps To The Harem was so much more than I thought it was going to be. Nicholas Redthorn . . . I just could never tell if he was the good or the bad guy. And I didn't until AM Helen wanted me to know. Then it was like "woah! I was not expecting that!" As the story progresses we see [Catherine] coming to terms with things in her past and present, and looking towards her future. It is as much a voyage of self-discovery for Catherine as it is a murder mystery.

- BJ's Book Blog -

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This was a really fun novel. I look forward to more!
- Adam F (NetGalley Reviews)

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Really enjoyable.
– Andrea W (NetGalley Reviews)

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Lots of drama and suspense, plenty of twists and turns to keep
you interested throughout
and a very steamy.
-Tammy S (Goodreads Reviews)

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This book was amazing. It had everything I love in a book, sex, greed, mystery and drama. And last but not least romance and a happily ever after. - Christina B (NetGalley Reviews)

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I thoroughly enjoyed this ...
I highly recommend this book.
- Deborah M (NetGalley Reviews)

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A fun and steamy read!
Marcilene's Fan Zone -

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Everything to love in
a delightful read!
- Author Sound Relations

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Very good book!
- Cheryl S (Goodreads Reviews)

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This was a great story!
It had a bit of everything! Mystery, passion, romance, suspense!
- Vasiliki T (Goodreads Reviews)