The Blue Rose is a romance you can really sink into. From the first page, I found myself wrapped in its sensuous dream . . . Despite faltering and mistakes, the two lovers are inexorably drawn to each other in a building romance of almost epic scale . . . a wonderful reading experience for me.

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Three Strangers Are on A
Collision Course
With Love and Obsession…

When Melissa Medina takes up the position of Spanish teacher to enigmatic businessman Alexander Kane, the attraction between them is instant and intense. The strict lines of employer and employee soon begin to weaken as desire overtakes all other rules.

With wealth and power though, comes exposure. Kane has enemies. Melissa has secrets. And outside forces from their past and present lives are intent on destroying their new relationship for mutual gain. As their lives converge, passions intensify, past secrets spill into present-day lives and lies begin to look like truths. But who is the saint and who is the sinner...

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I love reading these types of stories but this one is completely different. It takes you on a total rollercoaster. I cannot wait for the next book
- Maria P (NetGalley Reviews) -

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This story is filled with hot sex, heart breaking background stories and villains you love to hate! Can't wait to read the second book to
find out what happens!
- Corina B (Goodreads Reviews) -

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Absolutely brilliant. Loved the whole story
and the way it was written.
- R Grantham (NetGalley Reviews) -

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Can’t wait for the sequel. Best in
its genre for ages.
- -


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I loved the characters, the twisted plot, the development in general . . . BUT THAT ENDING. God. I can’t even handle it. Ms. Helen, the second book can’t come out soon enough; I need to know what happens next!
- J Alexis (NetGalley Reviewer) -

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The Blue Rose is very brilliant writing from debut author, A. M. Helen. Wow! I so did not see this book coming! The Blue Rose is filled with steamy romance, suspense, deceptions
and nothing is what is seems.
- The Sassy Bookster -

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Since I finished this book in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself unable to go to sleep because of how much I wanted to know how it was going to end.
- Saints and Sinners Books -

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I smirked, cried, laughed, and ranted while reading about their romance coming to life. And the “Evil Ones” (as I call Sebastian and Gisele) are so evil I want to drop-kick them both! But that ending! OMG! - S Williamson (Goodreads Reviews (5 stars)

I really enjoyed The Blue Rose, it’s a quick paced, exciting romance …
when I picked it up I did not want
to put it down.

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I get stuck in a book rut and this one was the first one in a couple of months that I read for pure pleasure. A. M. Helen is definitely an author
I will keep on my radar.

- Books and Warpaint Reviews -

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This is my first book by A.M. Helen and I have to admit that I'm impressed. It is a great romance novel for lovers of books like the One Night Trilogy and the This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. The writing was incredible, the story developed, the characters developed, and there were twists and turns.

- Samantha A (NetGalley Reviews) -

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Get in this wild ride and hold on because you will be swept away and in the end you’ll be crying for more. Melissa was the perfect insecure and kick ass girl that fights her ghosts with all her might . . . what is refreshing is the balance between the dominating personality and the love that Kane puts in the relationship.

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The Blue Rose had me jumping from sighing happily at the sweet romance, and then screaming in dismay as the outside forces begin to pull Melissa and Alexander away from each other. The ending had me shouting and desperately clicking on my kindle looking for the next page. 4 stars for this captivating book.

- Old Victorian Quill Reviews -