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With his elder brother’s relationship in turmoil, David Kane must crush the lies behind its collapse. But his need for Melissa Medina’s bold and fiery cousin Catalina might prove too tempting to ignore.

Catalina’s racy and risque nature is a torment to the millionaire’s dominant need for control. When they clash, emotions flare, wills bend and passion becomes an inferno of want. They don’t need love, merely pleasure, though submission doesn’t come easy to either of them and trust is fragile. Introduced to David’s sensual and erotic private world, Catalina begins to take the first steps to forgiving herself for events in her past she can never change.

Millionaire Sebastian Moretti is finally taking control. His consuming obsession remains unbreakable and the woman he craves is falling right into his trap. Melissa Medina is his possession. Anything or anyone who thinks they can get in the way of that, including the billionaire Alexander Kane . . . is wrong.

"The White Rose is full of the same compelling drama and excitement that made The Blue Rose such an amazing book for me. I cannot wait to see what happens next in The Red Rose!"
- Goodreads Reviewer

"The White Rose is an enticing novel and a real page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast paced and action packed novel. The intensity of Alexander's love for Melissa is breathtaking and his emotional turmoil is palpable. The suspense throughout the whole story had me on edge and I was unable to put it down."
- Mes Livres
"Alexander, Melissa, David and Catalina will give the readers one steamy, erotic, enticing, twist, turns, surprises and a suspenseful read."
- Arlena's Book Reviews

"I really, really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the chemistry between Alexander and Melissa, they were just perfect for each other. This is a quite intense love story and you'll literally not be able to put it down! The White Rose is so captivating, I couldn't stop myself from reading it."

- Chloe Reads Blog

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