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When Melissa Medina accepts the job as Spanish teacher to enigmatic billionaire Alexander Kane, the attraction between them is instant and intense. But Melissa carries secrets and Kane has enemies.

After a chance encounter with a dangerous stranger from Melissa’s torrid past reignites his dark obsession with her, he is intent on his erotic fantasy coming true. But he must first unravel the lovers’ romance. And he has the perfect weapon to do it—the past.

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With his elder brother’s relationship in turmoil, David Kane must tear down the web of lies wrapped around his brother and get to the truth. But his need for Melissa Medina’s bold and fiery cousin Catalina, might prove too tempting to ignore. Catalina’s racy and risque nature is a torment to the millionaire’s dominant need for control. When they clash, emotions flare, wills bend and passion becomes an inferno of want.

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Italian millionaire Sebastian Moretti has obtained a bargaining chip to force Melissa Medina to be his. But Melissa's formidable fiancé, billionaire Alexander Kane, will never allow the woman he loves to be taken by another.

Together, the Kane brothers hunt Moretti, but their weakest link may be right at the heart of their empire. Wealth and determination are no substitute for powerful friends. And Sebastian has a new dangerous ally, one who can destroy the Kanes . . . for good.

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