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Italian millionaire Sebastian Moretti is a sinner, darkly handsome, wealthy and ruthless, but his erotic fantasy has turned to ash. He’s lost the woman who is the core of his passionate desires, Melissa Medina . . . so he’s abducted her cousin Catalina to level the playing field.

For Melissa, there’s only one way out: submit. But her formidable fiancé, billionaire Alexander Kane, will never allow the woman he loves to be taken by another. He must bring Moretti down, for his own sake, and that of his devastated brother. Catalina is the love of David’s life, but time is running out.

Together, the Kane brothers hunt Moretti, but their weakest link may be right at the heart of their empire. Wealth and determination are no substitute for powerful friends. And Sebastian has a new dangerous ally, one who can destroy the Kanes . . . for good.

"The Red Rose is a dark and intense novel. It’s fast paced and danger is everywhere. There is loyalty, hate, anger, betrayal and deviousness. I would Highly recommend this book."
- NetGallery Reviewer

"This is a fast-paced read with lots of suspense and drama. The story and characters really draw you in and take you on quite a ride."
- Goodreads Reviewer
"There are accidents, kidnappings, and babies! All of it is with a twist. I can’t give it all away but you have to see how a suicide note can really help set someone free!"
- Love Romance Books

"The Kane brothers come with loaded pasts that added more to the story."
- NetGalley Reviewer

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