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He was the quintessential, alpha male playboy. She was the sweet unknowing Spanish girl. The secrets of their separate pasts now concealed by time. Or are they?

When Melissa Medina accepts the job as Spanish teacher to enigmatic billionaire Alexander Kane, the attraction between them is instant and intense. But Melissa still carries tormenting secrets from her childhood she’s afraid to release. And Kane has enemies and old lovers plotting his downfall, who’ll use anything to destroy him, including the new woman of his dreams.

After a chance encounter with a dangerous stranger from Melissa’s torrid past reignites his dark obsession with her, new alliances are made. This wealthy visitor is intent on his erotic fantasy coming true, but he must first unravel the lovers’ romance and destroy their second chance at happiness…

And he has the perfect weapon to do it—the past.

"It is a great romance novel for lovers of books like the One Night Trilogy and the This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. The writing was incredible, the story developed, the characters developed, and there were twists and turns."
NetGallery Reviewer

"Get in this wild ride and hold on… I never saw it coming but loved the roller coaster ride from the first to the last page."
Book Lover and Other Journeys

“The Blue Rose is a romance you can really sink into. Despite faltering and mistakes, the two lovers are inexorably drawn to each other in a building romance of almost epic scale . . . a wonderful reading experience for me.”
- Author T. C. Mill

"Wow! I so did not see this book coming! The Blue Rose is filled with steamy romance, suspense, deceptions and nothing is what it seems.”
- The Sassy Bookster

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